If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will.” Tom follows this quote daily in his work; regardless of the situation or the project.  Tom has been working most of his life and absolutely loves being busy every minute of the day.  “The more diversified a person is, the more valuable they are” as he often tells aspiring business men and women that he mentors.  He has owned multiple businesses himself, and loves to help others build their businesses by sharing his knowledge and years of experience.

Entrepreneurship came at a young age for Tom and is still coursing through his veins today.  His parents owned numerous businesses while he was growing up including a restaurant, a hotel, a construction company, and a waste management business.  Tom has a plethora of traits under his belt, he is a Producer, a Special Effects Artist, a Photographer, and multiple business owner (in multiple states).  Tom has a passion for taking care of the client and that’s one of the reasons he has become so successful.

When Tom was around eight or nine years old he received a magic set for Christmas.  He was awe-struck and in love with the magic set.  He would do magic shows for his family at least once a month (even though it was the same magic show over and over….).  Tom loved being the performer.  He loved to entertain and he loved being in the center of the moment.  When he was eighteen he met another magician who brought him into the International Brotherhood of Magicians, where he is still a member today.  He was a full-time professional magician for several years, where he started to create his own illusions and special effects.  While performing, other entertainers were approaching Tom and wanted him to create effects for them.  He saw this as a business opportunity and decided to stop performing and started working behind the scenes.   Thus, “Thomas James Productions” was born in 1990.

As President and founder of Thomas James Productions, Tom and his team handle all facets of the entertainment business including: lighting, audio, video, rigging, soft goods and projection.  They offer design, custom fabrication, installation and service of virtually every component associated with entertainment technology.  With clients on a national and international level, Tom has been blessed with a team of professionals working with him.  They are technicians, engineers…….and just plain amazing people.  They inspire him and he considers them family.  Tom and his team have won multiple awards for technical production and set design.

Tom is also a Senior Partner and the Chief Operating officer for Chicago’s Vase Entertainment Group.  Vase Entertainment Group is a company specializing in high immersion media.  They are a group of talented filmmakers who specialize in high frame rate native 3D and 4K (Ultra HD).  With Vase, as well as Thomas James Productions, there are business ventures that reach around the world.  While Tom occasionally produces documentaries, short films, commercials and industrial videos his main function at Vase Entertainment is the “business” of show business.

When Tom was a senior in high school he enrolled in an astronomy class, which contributed to his interest in astrophotography.  He loved taking photos of stars, planets, constellations and earth’s moon.  This led him to wild animals, wild life, and landscape photography.  He loves taking photos of the world’s marvelous wonders off the beaten path.  He’s gone to great lengths to get that perfect shot of a wild animal or the perfect angle on a landscape.  Check out some of his work on the Photography tab.  As a student of the “film” generation, Tom takes great pride in the fact that none of his art has been altered or edited after the fact.  All of the shots were captured in-camera.  

As an avid community volunteer, Tom enjoys helping with various non-profit organizations.  He gives his time to Community Theatres, Museums, Arts organizations and in particular, the “Toys For Tots Foundation”.  He has been honored with numerous awards from the United States Marine Corp for his work with the Toys for Tots Foundation.  He has been on numerous 501(c)3 boards, in his 30-year professional career, and is currently a board member for Indiana’s oldest non-profit theatre and has been its board president.  

Tom would not be where he is today without his wife, Stephanie.  He frequently tells complete strangers that he is truly blessed and believes he is the luckiest man on earth.  He cannot believe how fortunate he is with Stephanie by his side. They are truly best friends and they make each other laugh every single day.  Tom is also Stephanie’s business partner in her jewelry business, Zteffany’s: Where Inspiration Meets Dezign”.  Tom handles all of the financial, marketing, packaging and business operations as well as being the photographer for all of her designs.  They have a Jack Russell-Blue Heeler mix dog, and in their spare time enjoy biking, playing tennis, traveling, and fine food.

Most adults lose the wonder and amazement of magic, but for Tom and the team, that magic will always be there.  In his heart Tom believes that most people, regardless of his audience, will leave with the wonderment of magic.