“If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will.”

Tom has always followed this quote, without thought.  While the phrase is just a few words to some, to Tom, it is the best practice to achieve success.  He is truly a multi-faceted entrepreneur, which allows him to wear various “hats” on a daily basis.  He is a Producer, a Special Effects Artist, a Photographer, a Volunteer, and multiple business owner.

He has been the owner/operator of “Thomas James Productions”, an entertainment technology company, for the past 24 years.  He is a Senior Partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Chicago’s “Vase Entertainment Group”, a high immersion media production company and he’s also been the president of the “Thomas Pitts Agency” for over 15 years.  Offering insurance and financial services to the public across Indiana & Illinois.

In his spare time, Tom is an avid community volunteer working with Community Theatres, Museums, Arts organizations and the “Toys for Tots Foundation”.  Tom is currently a board member for Indiana’s oldest non-profit theatre and has been its board president.  Tom also enjoys facilitating board retreats for 501(c)3 organizations who are looking to grow.

He is a member of the “International Brotherhood of Magicians” where, at one time, he was a performer.  He is still a member, 28 years later, and was inducted into the “Order of Merlin” in 2011.  Even though Tom hung up his top hat and wand a long time ago, he continues to perform magic…of sorts… for others every day.

If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave a message in the “Contact Me” section and Tom will get back with you in a timely manner.  Thank you and enjoy!